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In a relaxed learning environment, Avatar Computer Training Courses create a customized learning path for each learner and teaches essential computer skills needed in today’s workplace.  Learn how to use technology more effectively through hands-on exercises, and most importantly learn how to keep on learning after this Course ends. 

The Computer Essentials Course consists of any, but not all, of the following topics dependent on the learner’s entry skill level

Essential Computer Skills & Windows Operating Systems.  A competent knowledge of the computer’s operating system is necessary for: changing settings, management of files and folders, installing and removing programs, downloading, updates, handling photos and attachments, burning CDs or DVDs, computer maintenance, computer security, backup and restoring of files, and working with hardware such as printers, scanners, cameras, and USB drives and computer concepts. .

Internet and Email. Develop a confident understanding; a must have in today’s office. 

Typing Skills. Beginner instruction is given and home practice is done by purchasing a keyboarding software program. 

Microsoft Office Suite.  Fundamental for the Office, the option of Open Office Suite is also available

MS Word Essential to creating business documents; work with the many features Word offers. 
MS Publisher. Easily create business cards, brochures, flyers, newsletters, business forms, signs, etc. 
MS Excel. Create spreadsheets to manipulate, analyze, and chart financial information. 
MS PowerPoint. Develop presentation material, speaker notes and handouts.

The Teachers 

Dan Nelson has been involved with a diverse spectrum of technology since he was a young child.  He first began teaching computer skills to large groups at age 18.  He has been a computer technician for 15 years and brings a wide variety of knowledge and experience to his students.  He moved to Nelson area in 1998.  He worked in a busy computer repair shop for 10 years.  In 2008 he started Avatar Computer and Technology where he often fixes “unfixable” problems as well as provides one-on-one tutoring.  He is excited about bringing his passion for efficient computer use to you in Avatar Computer Training

Dan Nelson
Avatar Computer Training
(250) 354-7460
I have had a great passion for Technology since I was very young.  From the age of about six I took apart electronics devices and figured out how they worked.  At age 9 I learned how to program Satellite Receivers, VCR`s and other electronic devices.

 In 1991 my main focus became globally connected Bulletin Board Systems (BBS’s) the precursor to the Internet of the modern world.  Hosting, Maintaining and Upgrading the BBS gave me the ability to share and exchange diverse information and multimedia with people around the world.  I then began fixing computers for my friends and school teachers.

At age 17 I was assisting in computer training for groups of about 15 people in my community.  I always found great pleasure and satisfaction in helping people understand computer technology!  It is rewarding to see how technology helps  people in exciting, creative and very productive ways!  In 1994 I started working at a small computer store and soon began teaching graphic and video editing at a local school. 

I then went into a Computer Engineering program in Kingston Ontario for Post Secondary education.  I then worked at Queens University networking department, installing computer network systems and cables for a ‘Work Experience’ Program.  I then graduated my post secondary computer programs and moved to Nelson BC in 1998.

I gained tones of experience working at Phoenix Computers (used to be called Ramsbottoms) for almost ten years 1998 to 2008.  This Job provided me with a rewarding experience in showing people how computers work, and what they can do with them!  During this time at the store I also helped friends and community members as a second income from my home computer lab!

In 2008 I decided to start my own computer and tech company called Avatar.  I often fix computers that other professionals gave up on! I also have done lots of one-on-one tutoring through my business.  I am now so glad to be able to offer this training to you!  So be at ease, computers really are friendly, and together we`ll enjoy making life more creative and effective through their proficient use. 

Let’s learn!

Dan Nelson

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